Praise Christian Fellowship

Where Jesus is Exalted and Love is Demonstrated

Church Info:

2235 Beverly Blvd.,

Los Angeles CA 90057

Tel: 213 484-8294

Fax (213) 484-8496

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Senior Pastor Joe Danganan

Ptr. Elizabeth Danganan

Ptr. Joel Danganan

Ptr. John Danganan. Jr

Praise Christian Fellowship was birthed in the first quarter for the year 1989. It started with 13 members (6 of which are members of the Danganan Family) gathered on Benton Way one Sunday afternoon. In less than 2 years, the flock more than quadrupled in size, had to move to a larger facility; this time it was Bonnie Brae. Finally, in 1994, PCF acquired the Roselake property where it stands today.

Through God's grace, the initial fellowship of 13 has now grown into more than 400 faithful worshippers. Up to this date, the number is still growing.


  • To love and accept you just as you are, right where you are.
  • To mend and recover you from all points of hurt, distortion, fear, bondage, torment, or imbalance in the way you think, feel, behave, or choose to live.
  • To train and disciple you in the many ways God thinks, feels and moves as revealed to us in the Bible.
  • To send and release you into the particular course of life and ministry service God has chosen for you and or which He has gifted you.

Core Values

  • Worship Rejoicing in God's presence
  • Fellowship A loving relationship in God's family
  • Discipleship Studying scripture, obeying God's Word
  • Stewardship Offering our time, talent and treasure to the Lord
  • Evangelism Sharing the good news of God's love to others.

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